The Foley Explosion is an immersive storytelling show about Russia; an alternative spy thriller featuring live Foley sound effects and looping technology in sound worlds that conjure a movie in the mind. This solo show brings to life experiences of a year spent in Russia and features disinformation, fake news and cameos from the intelligence community past and present: Edward Snowden, Grigori Rasputin and Alexander Litvinenko.

Foley Explosion has been awarded funding by Arts Council England and starts a UK tour in its fully developed form in September 2018. Presented with support from ACE, The Yard, BAC and Hackney Showroom. Tour details on the tab above.

4 stars in The Herald:

"...While such a scenario resembles the labyrinthine twists and turns of a Cold War spy thriller, it is in the telling that makes Bower's show so special. Amplified heels, slamming doors and metronomic toys are looped in such a way as to create a found sound symphony that conjures up a very noisy world."